AC Adaptor

AC Adaptor

Falcon Eyes AC adaptor full voltage 110V-240V, please choose and purchase for the correct model, we will base on your country to ship the correct cable plug.


It's always better to inform us the Falcon Eyes product (ROLLFLEX, SOPHIEZ, LPL-SERIES, etc) that you will be using the AC adaptor, so we can ship with the correct pin cable.


Adaptor Output Option

SP-AC12V-02 : 12V 2A

SP-AC15V-03 : 15V 3A

SP-AC15V-05 : 15V 5A

SP-AC15V-07 : 15V 7A (or 16.8V 7A 8A)

SP-AC15V-10 : 15V 10A

SP-AC24V-10 : 24V 10A

SP-AC24V-15 : 24V 15A


Connection Pin Option

1 Pin

2 Pin

3 Pin

4 Pin


You may purchase the control box in the link below;

  • Important Note!

    Please leave us a remark if you need the old or new pin configuration.
    New pin configuration : with circular sticker 
    Old pin configuration : without circular sticker
    Note that it is very important to match the pin configuration of your control box and AC power supply.

Connection Pin
Silver Steel Plate
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