Falcon Eyes Soft-Light LED on Camera


The Falcon Eyes DV-80SL is an on camera, dimmable, bicolor LED soft light panel. The housing is small, slim and lightweight what makes it easy to carry around.

The front diffusor plate helps to provide soft and even illumination for both photo and video shootings.


DV-80SL has two adjustment wheels at the bottom, with those wheels you can adjust brightness from 0-100%, as well as adjusting the color temperature from 3200K (warm light) to 5600K (daylight). Thanks to the high CRI of 95, the DV-80SL shows an almost perfect lighting quality. It can be used with both AC or DC power.


The DV-80SL also has a 1/4" female thread in the bottom which can easily be mounted on a light stand, mini tripod, or on top of your camera. The tilting ball head will be included as standard accessory to allow for angle adjustment.


80 LEDs x 0.2W
15W power
On/Off power switch
Step-less dimming 0-100%
Lighting angle 90 degrees
Variable color temperature 3200-5600K
1/4" female thread
Power source DC 7.4V / 3A
CRI  95 Ra


Kit Content:

DV-80SL : (DV-80SL x 1, BB-06 AA Battery pack x 1, Tilting Ball Head x 1)

DV-80SL-K1 : (DV-80SL x 1, AC Adaptor x 1, Tilting Ball Head x 1)

DV-80SL-K2 : (DV-80SL x 1, Battery & Charger x 1, Tilting Ball Head x 1)


    Kit Option
    Silver Steel Plate
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