Foldable (I) X-Frame

Foldable (I) X-Frame

The Falcon Eyes RX-Foldable (I) X-Frame is designed to be used with Falcon Eyes ROLL-FLEX Flex Lights.


Due to the folding ability, it can be folded in a small size and pack into a small bag. It will save you a lot of space for carrying to outdoor use.


Compatible Models:

RX-12 : RX-12T / RX-12TD

RX-18 : For RX-18T / RX-18TD / RX-718 / RX-818

RX-24 : For RX-24TDX / RX-724 / RX-824

RX-36 : RX-36TDX / RX-736 / RX-836

RX-48 : RX-48TDX / RX-748 / RX-848


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    Silver Steel Plate
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