We are pleased to announce the brand new NEX-RETRO reverse adapter for Sony E-Mount cameras and lenses.
By means of the new reverse adapter, owners of Sony E-Mount cameras and lenses are offered an easy access into the fascinating world of macro photography.

The reverse adapter can be used for all focal lengths and zoom lenses as well as for APS-C lenses.

Image quality is the decisive factor. In case of image scales above 1:1 the reverse mounting of lenses in many cases achieves a remarkably better image quality in comparison to normal use.

E.g., in case of retro position and a focal length of 45 mm an image scale of 2:1 can be reached by direct use of the adapter and a zoom lens of 18 – 105 mm. Even bigger image scales can be achieved by using bellows.

Of course the NEX-RETRO can be mounted to our universal bellows units of the BALPRO- and CASTBAL series to form a full fledged automatic bellows for the Sony E-Mount system.

The adapter comes complete with a High-Quality 58mm protection filter which is "Made in Germany", to protect the the sensitive rear lens element against dust and damage.

    HK$3,490.00 一般價格
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