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The RX-8T/TD on camera flex-light has adopted the same technology as the Roll-Flex series. It has the beam angle of 65° with the help of the SMD LED bulb, but it allows you to illuminate in 360° with its flexible panel for twisting.


It is compatible with Sony F-mount battery ( battery) not included , as well as the AC adaptor for AC power supply.
RX-8T is available on either 3200K or 5600K, while RX-8TD is bi-color 3000K-5600K, illuminating from 0-100% step-less, providing very soft light for different types of filming. Also, there're two optional soft boxes available for taking the beauty of softness to the next level.


Model: RX-8TD
Power: 18W
LEDs: 120pcs x 0.2W
Color Temperature: 3000K - 5600K
Operation Voltage: AC Adaptor DC 9V-3A
Battery :  Sony F-mount (battery not included)
Beam Angle: 69°
CRI: 95
LUX (5600K): 0.5M: 1910 / 1M: 446 / 2M: 116
LUX (3000K): 0.5M: 1650 / 1M: 391 / 2M: 102
Flex Panel Size: 225×220×45mm
Weight: 0.4kg
Ball Head : MPH-2B
Optional (not included with RX-8TD): RX-8SB, RX-8OB, Battery, Charger

  • Currently unavailable to ship to USA

    We are currently unavailable to ship ROLLFLEX to USA, please do not purchase from USA or order will be canceled.

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