The FalconEyes UO-series U16 Sky Light is designed to provide bi-color softlight from up above the ground level, performing like a portable ceiling soft light when using with light boom (or simply hang it on the ceiling roof). The U16 is developed with bullt-in DMX feature for easy adjustment on the color and dimmer setting, while 2.4GHz remote controller (RC-3T) is also compatible to meet different shooting requirements.


As from the latest LED technology, U-16 has achevied a maximum 1600W power output and a high CRI of Ra 95 professional level lighting, with the help of the cylindrical shaped diffusor and softbox, producing professional footage is now easier than ever.


New update! U-16 has added an U-bracket for installing on light stand use as a high power LED panel!


Model: U16
Power: 1600W (200W x 8)
No. of LED : 640pcs (80pcs x 8)
Operating Voltage: AC 110-240V 60Hz/50Hz
Color Temperature: 3000K - 8000K (step-less)
Dimming: 0-100% Step-less dimming

Control Feature : DMX / Touch Screen / 2.4G Remote Control
Beam Angle: 26°
CRI: 95+

LUX (5600K) : 115000 (1m) / 59500 (2m) / 32400 (3m)
LUX (3200K) : 54500 (1m) / 28600  (2m) / 15700 (3m)

Safety Option : Safety cables included

Fan Noise : 0.2cm : 50dB / 0.5cm : 49dB

Size : 925 x 945 x 260mm

Weight : 31.75kg

Included Accessores : Diffusor & Cover Cloth



-Light stand is not included with this purchase

-Only EU cable is avaialble, for other cable plugs (eg. US cable) need to use converter/adaptor

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