2x 3-segment hiking poles and 1x 4-segment carbon leg
Leg extension length: 49.5cm-158cm (carbon leg)
Extract length: 71cm - 150cm (walking stick with handle)
Max. Working height: 151.5cm
minute Working height: 14cm (when using the replaceable minibeine)
Pack size (base with legs): 61.5cm
Max. Load: 5kg
lateral accessory connection (tripod shoulder): 1/4 "and 3/8"
Locking angle of leg connections: 20 °, 40 °, 60 ° and 87 °
Diameter of leg segments (mm): 21.9; 18.9; 15.9; 12.9; 9.9
Complete weight: ~ 1670g
Steel spike underneath the rubber cap on the leg end
replaceable mini legs, tripod bag, triangular cloth TRIO-TC included
Due to the exchangeability of the legs, the set enables the flexible construction of the following tripod variants:
  • 3-leg tripod, big
  • 3-legged tripod, mini - table tripod or tripod for ground-level work
  • monopod
  • Leaning stand - use of 2 mini legs and a long leg 


1xTRIOPOD, 1xC2840 Leg, 2xHiking Sticks, A1010 Mini Legs, QP MONO Monopod Adapter, Bag, MB FREE, TRIO TC Triangle Support Pouch

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    Silver Steel Plate
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